About Us

For three generations, our family has owned and operated auto repair shops. Our grandfather, Peter Eates, emigrated from Italy as a child and grew up to open a garage in Brooklyn, New York. In the 1940s, he relocated to start a car repair shop in Portsmouth, VA, and turned the business over to his sons, Frank and Louis, who worked together for many years. Now, their sons, Frank Jr. and Peter Sr., and their wives Sandra and Deanna, operate the family business—GAC Automotive.

Continuity continues in ownership, operation, and employment at our repair and body shop. Frank has more than 42 years of experience, while Pete has more than 32 years in the business of making mechanical repairs, performing bodywork, and painting cars and trucks. We are proud to have employees who have been with us for more than 38 years.

We run our family business like our father, Frank Sr., taught us—to treat our customers like family and provide quality workmanship and outstanding service to all. Bring your family car to our shop for repairs and benefit from our traditions of excellence and value.

In the past, GAC AUTOMOTIVE CENTER & the Eates Family have always opened their doors to Police and Fire Departments for anything they needed such as Training for Firefighters to work with large vehicles for entrapment’s as in these pictures, multiple cities were being trained for more than a week in our yard.All this information are what has been done in the past.